Who is FPR ?

While on a racing trip across Europe our son Dimo came up with the name Family Pack Racing and we have always been Fury Performance Racing, whatever sounds better for you.

Emil Khneisser

A well-known figure in the UAE Rally community for both his love of rally driving and his vehicle building skills. His resume is a long list of achievements and his life motto is “Active Lifestyle”. His knowledge and expertise in building and upgrading various FIA vehicles has allowed him to race and win multiple races across Middle East and Europe.  When not at work or racing, you will definitely meet him in the desert driving custom build buggies with his son and daughter or at the UAE karting circuits, as supporter for his racing kids. 

Margo Alex

Known as the ‘Iron Woman’, she knows best when it comes to Motorsport … Successful in managing her husband racing team across Africa, Europe and Middle East. Plus a ‘super mama’ and aspiring mechanic when it comes to karting.



Dimo Khneisser

Starting at a very young age, he displayed amazing skills behind the wheel of his custom Polaris buggy and quad, both in driving and endurance . At 9 he started competing in karting, and now at the age of 13 already enjoying high performance racing buggies in the desert.


Alisia Khneisser

From very young age, 4 years old, she lived under one motto : ‘I don’t follow, you follow me’. Inherited all the offroad toys from her brother and started driving in the desert at 4. At 5 she was racing in karting and won 2 years in a row the UAE Rotax Max Challenge Championship in Bambino.   Recently graduated to her very own RAGE high performance buggy to enjoy the desert.