Active in the summer at +45’C

Desert camping

The desert after sunset is the best thing to enjoy.  Being in the open is actually much better then being in the city, you can feel the breeze and it is not humid like being near the sea. Maybe is too hot for campfire but you can still enjoy barbeque and star gazing. Your kids will not be on PS4 for sure.

As our friend Francis facebook post describes it better (with his permission)

‘When I was packing my stuff in front of our house, my Emirate neighbor ask me “WHAT!!!! you go camping…??? by +42 … this is not good for your brain maaaan….) probably he had a point but insanity is part of our aging process and perfectly acceptable. When arriving at the desert location I was happy to conclude that many have the same syndrome as we do so we felt very comfortable and by 7pm the Temp dropped already to +41. Lovely Off Road evening/day, even in the summer. — with Karim MoulayessGeorge MoulayessMimi KhneisserElma Kruis-HonerKittima Nammala,Emil KhneisserNadim KhneisserNaja Moulayess,Naira TutunjianJulia MoulayessCraig Tyson,Manie Kruis and Lucia Arpon Castillo